Our Mission

Sustainability, Improvement, Teamwork.

A business geared towards the future

C & A Textiles Limited (CATL) was incorporated in Bangladesh as a Private Limited Company with the issuance of Certificate of incorporation bearing no. C-3912 of 2001 dated on February19, 2001 by the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms, manufactured and marketed apparel & textile solutions for several generations. Its status as business conglomerate allows the acting management to consider its long-term development outside of the financial requirements imposed by the group & trade. The concepts of continuity and independence of the business are part of C&A’s key values. One of the leaders in the apparel industry, C&A has gradually transferred its expertise and skills to Textiles, Dyeing & Finishing.

Improvement is in our company's DNA

Since its inception, C&A has known how to be inventive by creating interdepartmental think tanks with rewards.

A core value of the company, innovation has always been encouraged and developed within teams. More than an exclusively product-focused approach. it is now deployed at all levels of the company: manufacturing processes, customer services, management methods, etc.

The company's mission is to create value that contributes to: cut customers' costs, improve quality, participate in efforts to preserve the environment, enable people to reach their potential within the company, to develop a more 'human', freer way of working