Respect for the environment

Respect for the environment

With an uncompromised focus towards environmental conservations we have developed and adopted all the state of the art measures to make our companies and factories environment friendly.

Each year, all C&A companies meet to present the actions conducted locally in environmental matters and share best practices for their execution.The C&A companies coordinates and unites its environmental actions within a reference and good practice guide.

Two themes have been singled out for the current year:

  • Reducing energy consumption,
  • Reducing the consumption of materials.

Keen to make its contribution, C&A wishes to involve its employees in its commitment to environmental matters.

C&A Group shares the concerns of the apparel community regarding environmentally safe products as well. A good starting point when considering how environmentally friendly products are to consider the useful life of the fabric. How long will the end user be able to use the fabric before it begins to show signs of wear and needs to be replaced.